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Comic Fiesta 2023 tickets are in RFID card form (referred to as ’passes’) with a unique QR depending on the ticket category purchased. Each ticket included:

  • Card pass x1
  • Plastic sleeve x1
  • Lanyard x1

Each customer is only allowed to purchase a maximum of 5 tickets regardless of category.

Passes Activation: Please refer to Comic Fiesta website


  1. Can I buy multi-day passes?
    The Weekend Pass allows access to the event for multiple days. The Day/Afternoon Pass allows access for 1 day, for respective days purchased.
  2. If I purchase a Weekend Pass, can I split the pass into separate days?
    Unfortunately, the Weekend Pass is sold as 1 (one) RFID card pass and cannot be split after purchase. If you wish to attend for only 1 day, please consider purchasing either a Day or Afternoon Pass instead.
  3. Why do I need to register after purchasing a pass?
    Due to previous ticketing issues, such as scalping, we have taken measures to ensure your pass is safeguarded with enhanced security. As the pass will be tied to the pass holder and will be non-transferrable after registration.
  4. What happens if all passes are sold out?
    Unfortunately, once all passes have been sold, the event venue has reached the total maximum capacity to hold all pass holders safely at any given time. Please avoid purchasing passes from unauthorized sellers or 3rd party providers.
  5. I want to queue as early as possible before the event opens. Can I?
    Due to security and safety reasons, the event organizer Comic Fiesta, the KL Convention Centre, the KLCC Park and Suria KLCC management highly discourage queuing or loitering around the event venue in the early hours of the morning, or the day before. Please refer to the door opening schedule.
  6. I want to cancel/refund my pass.
    Unfortunately, refund of purchased or registered passes will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  7. Do children also need a ticket?

    Children aged 12 years and under may purchase All Day Pass (Saturday or Sunday) at a discounted price of RM25 per day upon registration with a valid MyKID card at the event but must be accompanied with a paying adult parent/guardian, holding a valid pass. However, we advise very young children should not be brought to the show as it is an unsuitable event due to the crowd and noise throughout the event grounds.

  8. I was unable to/forgot to register my pass before attending the event. Can I still enter?We highly recommend registering your pass beforehand, as you will need to scan the pass to enter event grounds.

  9. Can I enter the event without a ticket pass if I can show the ticket proof of purchase?
    No, you will need your physical ticket pass to be allowed entry into the event.
  10. Can I use this card as RFID/ Touch n Go card?
    No, this is purely an event entry pass. This card cannot be used for any other function or purpose.
  11. When I will receive my order?
    Your Order would be shipped within 5 days.
  12. Can I exchange or return the tickets?
    All tickets sold are non-exchangeable and non-returnable.

Any updated ticketing information, please refer to Comic Fiesta official website at :


COMIC FIESTA 2023 门票说明

Comic Fiesta 2023 门票将采用 RFID 卡形式(称为 “通行证” ),根据购买的门票类别,带有唯一的二维码。 每张门票包含:

  • 通行证卡 x1
  • 塑料套 x1
  • 挂绳 x1


通行证激活: 请浏览官方网站


  1. 我可以购买多日通行证吗?
    周末通行证允许多天参加该活动。日间/下午通行证可在购买的相应日期内使用 1 天。
  2. 如果我购买了周末通行证,我可以将通行证分成不同的日子吗?
    非常遗憾,周末通行证只是作为一(1)张 RFID 卡通行证出售,购买后无法分割。如果您只想参加 1 天,请考虑购买日间通行证或下午通行证。
  3. 购买通行证后为什么需要注册?
  4. 如果所有通行证都卖完了怎么办?
  5. 我可以在活动开始前尽早到来活动场地排队吗?
    出于安全原因,活动主办方 Comic Fiesta、吉隆坡会议中心、KLCC 公园和 Suria KLCC 管理层强烈建议不要在凌晨或前一天在活动场地周围排队或闲逛。请参阅活动时间表。
  6. 购买通行证后我可以要求取消或者退款吗?
  7. 儿童也需要购买门票(通行证)吗?
    十二(12)岁及以下儿童可在活动现场使用有效 MyKID 注册后以每天 RM25 的折扣价购买全日通行证(周六或周日),但必须由持有有效通行证的付费成年父母/监护人陪同。由于整个活动场地的人群拥挤及不适合幼童,我们不建议带太过年幼的儿童出席活动。
  8. 我在参加活动之前无法/忘记注册我的通行证。我还可以进入吗?
  9. 如果我能出示购票凭证,可以不带通行证卡入场吗?
  10. 我可以将此卡当RFID/ Touch n Go 卡用吗?
  11. 我什么时候会收到我的订单?
    您的订单将在 5 天内发货。
  12. 我可以换票或退票吗?



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